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It’s hard to believe that PCG is already approaching its 14th year of business. In October of 1996, Mike Johnson and I were attending a car race at Mid-Ohio with our team, Express Racing, when we were approached by a sizable long distance provider. They offered to sponsor the team based upon the amount of business we referred to them. Intrigued by the concept, we felt that our friends and business contacts could benefit by these services and in turn help support our growing enterprise.

What we soon learned is that the once lucrative long distance business was a dying art. In just several months, rates dropped almost 30% due to increased competition and technological advances, and the once touted sponsorship was non-existent. At the same time, customers were demanding more services than just long distance, due to the new choices brought about by the Telecommunications Deregulation Act of 1996 which broke apart the monopolies held by many local phone companies.

We decided to turn the tables. Rather than work with just one biased provider, we custom designed a proprietary software program to track the rates and service plans of more than 30 different telecom carriers and over 400 rate plans. In turn, we began charging a consulting fee to our clients based upon their savings for our assistance in reviewing their telecom services and helping them to select the best carrier and rate plan for their needs. This way the customer was assured of truly getting the best deal without ever second guessing their decision. If there are no savings, there is no consulting fee charged.

In January of 1998, our racing team was broken into two separate entities to better focus on the unique sides of our business — PCG Consulting Group, Inc. and Archangel Motorsport Services, Inc. Mike oversees the daily operations of the now thriving professional racing team, while I focus my efforts on PCG

Today, PCG is proud to have over 500 satisfied clients and specializes in working with mid-sized companies to optimize and streamline their telecom configurations and conduct rate reviews. We now encompass Local Phone Service, Dedicated Long Distance, Data/Internet Connectivity and Wireless into our portfolio of consulting services. Our success is only possible due to our terrific clients and their continued trust in our services. Please enjoy our website.

Our People:

A highly driven and motivated individual, PCG founder and president, Braun Mincher, has been a successful entrepreneur for over 20 years in a diverse variety of business ventures. Since 1996, he has focused on being a leader with telecommunications and VoIP technologies. He currently heads several related telecom entities which specialize in Telecom Consulting, Hosted Voice Over IP (VoIP), and highly advanced IP-PBX phone systems for multi-location business enterprises and call centers nationwide.

Some of Braun’s other business endeavors include holdings in the banking, leasing, real estate and publishing sectors. Braun’s first business was a vending route at the age of 16, and his complete entrepreneurial story was profiled in the book he published in 2007. His business accomplishments have earned him the prestigious Ernst & Young / Inc. Magazine “Entrepreneur of the Year” award and repeat appearances on national TV networks, including the NBC “Today Show” and the FOX Business Channel with Neil Cavuto (see YouTube), in addition to frequently being profiled in numerous business publications and local media.

Braun was fortunate to be able to enjoy an extended sabbatical following the sale of his last telecom company in 2004, and used that time off to travel the world extensively, publish a book, check off numerous boxes on his “Bucket List,” and volunteer his time for good causes. Braun returned to the telecom business in 2009 and is more passionate than ever about striving for world domination in the telecom industry!

Braun is someone who is never content with mediocrity, and fanatically focuses on efficiency, systems implementation and process improvement in all aspects of business. He is also an FAA licensed aircraft pilot (land & sea) who enjoys flying / aviation, boating / wakeboarding, SCUBA diving and traveling both domestically and internationally, recently returning from business trips to South Africa and India. In a previous life, Braun was also a formula race car driver.

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Company Philosophy:

Rather than waste money on traditional marketing and advertising, we instead focus our efforts and resources on providing absolutely amazing service to our customers from project start to finish, and beyond. As a result of this belief and "taking care of the customer," an astronomical 99% of our business is derived from existing customers or referrals. We truly look at each customer as an opportunity for referrals, and we know that we will not receive such referrals if we do not provide a stellar experience and give more than is expected. Place your trust in PCG and you will not be sorry.

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