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Corporate Offices:

PCG Consulting Group, Inc.
Mulberry Commercial Park
2649 E. Mulberry Street, Suite 10
Fort Collins, Colorado 80524

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Fort Collins: (970) 207-1626
Denver: (303) 285-0200
Phoenix: (480) 305-0215

     Extension Listing:         
          201 - Braun
          202 - Lisa
          203 - Tony
          205 - Ian
          208 - Barbara
          209 - Susan

Fax: (970) 212-7290

Website: www.PCGtelecom.com

Email: [First Name] @ [This Domain] 'dot' com

Note: Braun schedules phone calls and/or conferences via email in advance, to allow him to work efficiently without frequent interruptions. The advance scheduling of phone calls and other meetings also allows him to speak with valued clients at a time when it is convenient for both of parties, and for him to be able to exclusively focus on their needs at that time. Overall, we have found this to be a win-win situation and appreciate your understanding.

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